Valle del Orce


Valle del orce creates a new concept in the Author’s Sauces area, transforming the regular flavours due to the need of culinary innovation, typical of 21st century. Actually we prepare and commercialize seven original Gourmet Sauces on different formats, available for food, as well as hospitality.

The brand’s flagship is our patentes Allioli or alioli, unique for having resolved the three inherence problems with garlic made products: does not repeat, does not cause bad breath and it does not generates acid reflux.

The entire manufacturing process is under the strictest supervision, endorsed by the International Food Standard (IFS) certificate, British Retail Consortium (BRC Global Food), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



We have selected, processed and packed an elegant, contemporary and innovative collection of Gastronomic Complements which will catch with its variety, whether for cooking or as an accompaniment, it will delight any culinary creation.

An environmental and ecological awareness has been always central in our daily operations. Valle del Orce only uses national first quality feedstocks, in order to obtain the maximum quality in our products.

Our main ingrediente are olive extra virgin oil, purple fresh garlic, coming from the “Huerta Valenciana” and the top canners’s seafood from Galician sea inlet.

In Valle del Orce we will continue working daily to bring to your tables, the best of the Mediterranean Diet.